New Client info

How The Treatment Room operates

As a new client, it is hoped that your first experience will be pleasant and go smoothly.  Before you can be seen, you must fill out a consultation form.  Before each new procedure you will also have a consent form to be signed and possibly other paperwork as required for safety. Please make sure you fill it out completely and return it prior to your appointment or bring it with you to be able to use your time slot properly.


As a solo practictioner, each clients experience is important to me.  I schedule my time so that we have time to not only complete the treatments, but answer any questions,  provide home care instructions and offer products for homecare.  

PLEASE be respecful of other peoples time.  

Being early is great if your going to a large company, but coming to an appointment early invades another clients scheduled time to receive all they need and to enjoy their experience as well.  5 minutes early is best no earlier please.

Your scheduled time-late appointments and reschedules

Please arrive on time or 5 minutes early to your appointment.  You are scheduled to START the treatment at the scheduled time.  Being late will shorten your scheduled time in respect of the next appointment.  We can do our best to complete the treatment however it may need to be rescheduled if you are very late and a 24 hour notice is required to reschedule and a $25 for fee for my time will be assessed.  Thank you for being on time, and making the MOST of your treatment time and respecting others time too! :) 


The Treatment Room New Client Consult (pdf)