Specialized therapies

"The Luxuriant Facial"


Treatment begins with a mild peel which is not going to cause any down time and any visible peeling. It can be done during lunch time and you can return to your regular duties. It is followed by no-needle Mesotherapy. Specialized serums are used containing a broad spectrum of vitamins, cell extracts, minerals and amino acids to actually enhance production of our own collagen, elastin and to improve cell renewal. The process includes both heat and cold, which allows deep penetration and better skin distribution of active ingredients. 

It is an entirely painless treatment.*In fact, it is very pleasant and relaxing. This “freezing“ method also improves cell oxygenation and decreases a the number of melanocytes, helping with pigmentation problems.

Finally, an anti-aging mask (which can be purchased to continue home improvement), is put on and finalized with a freshly mixed vitamin C for your thirsty skin. This kills free radicals and enhances collagen production. Skin feels soft, hydrated and glowing and continues to look like that.*

This is one of the skin treatments that can be performed monthly, and will be recommended to everyone, young and older, irrespectively of skin type as a maintenance treatment. 

Who is this treatment good for?

This treatment requires a consultation andis performed in a series of treatments.  This service also requires home care and commitment to the regimen. The benefit of these treatments is firmer, smoother, tighter brighter skin without surgery. Get your skin back in shape and learn how to keep it that way.  Schedule a consultation 602-300-3167.