Its all about you

Committed to Quality

At The Treatment Room, I only use professional grade products that are available to licensed professionals.  You can rest assured my products both for sale and behind the counter are 100% directly from the manufacturer and are not expired or second hand.

Look Good, Feel Good and learn

Your face is my business.  

There is nothing more important than doing a good job. Educating you on why I am doing while we are doing it, helps us work together to give you the best skin possible for you. The relaxation or fun conversations are just a perk of the process!

Privacy and Drop-ins

One of the things I love the most is the private location.  The last thing I personally want to do is walk through a store or anywhere actually after my hair is smashed, my face is extracted or peeled!? One on one service and no drop ins allows complete attention and focus on you ..its your time.

Where is The Treatment Room?

The Treatment Room

14644 N Cave Creek Road, # 4, Phoenix AZ 85022

(602) 300-3167 text only